We have an extensive range of Janitorial products to suit your cleaning requirements. The products listed are most frequently used by our customers, however, we stock a range of products. Please contact us directly for further information about specific product information.

Cleaning Equipmentmop_bucket
- Mop Heads
- Mop Handles
- Mop Buckets
- Floor Squeeges
- Brooms
- Signage

Garbage Bin Linersgb_01
- 72ltr Garbage Bags
- 82ltr L.D Garbage Bags
- 82ltr H.D Garbage Bags
- 82ltr H.D Garbage Bags - Blue
- 82ltr Garbage Bags - Dispenser Pack
- 120ltr Wheelie Bin Liners
- 240ltr Wheelie Bin Liners

Kitchen Tidy Bin Linersktb36roll
- 18ltr Perforated Bags on a Roll
- 27ltr Perforated Bags on a Roll
- 36ltr Perforated Bags on a Roll

Vinyl Glovesvinyl_gloves
- Clear
- Blue
- Powder Free - Clear and Blue

- All Purpose Wipes
- Heavy Duty Wipes
- Heavy Duty Wipes on a Roll (Perforated)

Please refer to the sections, 'Chemicals' and 'Washroom' for more information about other cleaning products.
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