We have an extensive range of table top products to suit your requirements. The items listed are most frequently used by our customers, however, we stock a range of sizes and designs. We also provide a design service for custom prints on napkins. Please contact us directly for further information about specific product information or to request a quote for custom printed napkins.

- White Round Lace Doyleys
- White Oval Lace Doyleys
- White Rectangular Lace Doyleys



Cocktail Napkins2ply_cocktail
- 2ply Cocktail Napkins

Dinner Napkins2ply_dinner
- 2ply Dinner Napkins
- 3ply Dinner Napkins

Dispenser Napkinsnap03
- 1ply White Dispenser Napkins
- Metal Compact Dispenser

Elegance Cocktail Napkins elegance_cocktail_01
- White Cocktail Napkins
- Black Cocktail Napkins

Elegance Dinner Napkinselegance_dinner
- White Dinner Napkins
- Coloured Dinner Napkins
- White Dinner Napkins - Redi-Fold
- Coloured Dinner Napkins - Redi-Fold

Elegance Luncheon Napkinselegance_lunch_naps_400
- White Lunch Napkins
- White Lunch Napkins - Redi-Fold
- Coloured Lunch Napkins

Fabrique Elegance Dinner Napkinsfabrique
- White Napkins - Quarter Fold
- White Napkins - Redifold

Luncheon Napkins1plylunchnaps
- 1ply White Lunch Napkins
- 1ply Coloured Lunch Napkins
- 2ply White Lunch Napkins
- 2ply White Lunch Napkins - Redi-Fold
- 2ply Coloured Lunch Napkins

Placemat / Traymattraymat
- White Placemat
- White Traymat

Table Coverspaper_table_cloth
- White Bonded Paper
- Plastic Table Cloth Rolls
- Paper Table Cloth Rolls - White
- Paper Table Cloth Rolls - Coloured


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