We also stock foodservice and other incidental items for your convenience that compliment our packaging products. The items listed are most frequently used by our customers, however, we are able to source other products to suit your requirements. Please contact us directly for further information about specific product information.

- Kake Bands
- Muffin Mould Wraps
- Patty Pan Cases
- Quicklocks
- Twist Ties
- Sterno

Docket Booksdocket_books_400
- Takeaway
- Duplicate
- Triplicate
- Quadruplicate

Drink Preparation / Productscream_bulbs_400
- Coffee Syrups
- Cream Bulbs
- Milkshake Flavourings
- Sugar Satchets

Food Packagingrb35
- Rubber Bands. These come in a range of sizes.

Food Presentationctp10
- Cello Toothpicks
- Double Ended Toothpicks
- Individually Wrapped Toothpicks

Register Rollsregister_rolls
- Bond Till Rolls
- Duplicate Till Rolls
- Thermal Till Rolls
These come in a variety of sizes and quantities.

Table Productst.lights_400
- Tealights

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